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Do you want to start a business but are not sure where to start?
Do you want to pursue a life you are passionate about, without being overwhelmed?
Are you looking for an easy step-by-step course that breaks down each business decision into a universal, easy-to-follow guide?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then The New Business Launch Guide is right for you. The New Business Launch Guide Course is a college-accredited video course that compliments the The Business Launch Guide.
This video course takes students through all of the processes needed to launch and grow a successful business. Topics include what kind of corporation to form, how to get your EIN, getting the certifications you need, and much more.
This video course is full of clear, actionable steps toward accomplishing your goals.


This book takes you on a journey to meet Niurka Castaneda. It also takes you on the journey of how to grow your business from a ‘lean’ or small start to become a thriving, well-known business. Niurka grew up in Cuba and came from a family of entrepreneurs and artists. Her grandfather was a poet & her parents were Cuban entrepreneurs.
With such a resourceful family & role models, Niurka naturally grew up both enterprising and artistic.
A year after arriving in the USA, Niurka felt called to serve, and joined the US Army. The military offered her many new experiences and she learned skills like resilience, flexibility, self-motivation, determination, self-discipline, goal setting, and risk tolerance.
Combining those learned skills with her many life experiences, (such as being a mom, writer, enthusiastic traveler, and supply chain management expert with more than 25+ years of technical expertise), it was only natural for her to transition from the military to becoming a Multi-Potential Entrepreneur.
She started her first business, AMOR Umbrella, as a student class project for one of her classes at Miami Dade College. This class project quickly turned into a real business and an associated TV Show that shines a spotlight on organizations assisting the U.S. veteran community. This TV show now airs in 213 countries.
Driven by her experiences, Niurka then wrote a book & video course about her expertise entitled: NEW BUSINESS LAUNCH GUIDE.
This book provides easy, actionable steps that help entrepreneurs like you start taking action to build the foundation for your very own entrepreneurial dreams. The New Business Launch Guide is best used when purchased with the accompanying New Business Launch Guide Video Course.

Book Collaboration: "The Complete Life reference guide" (expected release late 2021)

The Complete Life Reference Guide is a compilation of Top-5 to Top-10 lists from experts across a range of topics including Real Estate, Investment, Employment, Business, Wellness, Mindset, and many, many more! Need expert advice on some aspect of your life or business? Our co-authors come from a variety of backgrounds, personally, and professionally, and they have offered to share their experience and expertise with you!

novel: "A VISIT TO THE EVERGLADES" (expected release late 2021)

Learn more about my journey as a veteran on an episode of Fishing with America’s Finest, where I explored the magic of the everglades with other veterans.

What do people say?

Testimonials from the folks who changed their lives – for better.

I'm not like most girls. I am a Female Veteran! Niurka's work to recognize Female Veterans as the unique group we are has intrigued me. I thought I was going to always have to take a back seat to the Men in the room when anything Military is brought up. That's right, when Vets were asked to stand up, the Speaker had a complete lapse on gender neutral terms and went straight to Thanking our "Men" for being brave soldiers. So far I've been on a Fishing with America's Finest outing organized by Niurka which got me off the COVID Couch and out into the Everglades. I am the proud recipient of an AmorUmbrella as well. Every time it rains and I pull out my Heart Shaped Amor Umbrella, I know my female soldiers not only have my back, they have my head. THAT is truly heartwarming. THAT is truly comradery. Angeline Gullo, USAF, Sgt. 1987-91, CTANG, 1991-94
Angelica Gullo
"Being a guest on Founders Time was a great experience. Niurka had great questions and she made the experience feel as if it was just the two of us having a casual conversation. Being a guest could have been stressful thinking about how many people will watch or listen. She has a way of making you feel comfortable to the point you forget its recording. You can tell she has lots of experiences and brings all of it to the table on her podcast!”
Keith McKeever

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