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My own success in business often drives questions from friends, veterans and military families as they seek to start and/or grow their own profitable business.

As an ARMY Veteran myself, I have chased my own hobbies and interests, using them to start and launch my own journey as a veteran entrepreneur.

Now I help clients of all kinds to start their own businesses, both through the tips & advice shared in my Founder’s Podcast as well as through my Exclusive Visibility and Business Coaching Services.

If you have an idea you would like to turn into reality or a passion that you would like to pursue, you too can become a thriving entrepreneur. 

In the Founder’s Podcast I not only share my own knowledge, but I also interview other successful business owners. 

Are you ready to be an entrepreneur? 

Entrepreneurs are confident, positive, creative, resourceful, and resilient people who are faced with a problem, they create solutions.

If this sounds like you, tune in to Founders Time to learn more and start your journey!

In Founders Time #1,  Watch and listen  to Giselle Dominique Mascarenhas – Villareal “The Branding Professor” – talk about the importance of personal brand. She has been featured in BuzzfeedYahooThrive Global and is a former publicist that learned to use the power of social media to teach others on how to communicate and highlight your personal brand by helping you use the power of social media to connect and learn how to brand yourself.

In Founders TIME #2 Watch and listen to Debra Muth, ND, NP BAAHP telling us how she was able to build a successful multimillion dollar business by focusing in Building the Right Team, by offering the proper training that empowered and educated her team, and consequently she was able to serve her clients and achieve the desired success in her business.

In Founders TIME #3  Watch and listen as Tim Ringgold, MT – BC explains about “The Power of Music” a board certified music therapist. He is a TEDx talk speaker, a columnist for Recovery Today magazine, and the author of the book, Sonic Recovery: Harness the Power of Music to Stay Sober that music therapy to thousands of teens and adults in residential treatment, and  a sought-after international speaker, having shared the stage with some of the top minds on music, the brain, addiction and personal development, including Tony Robbins.

In Founders TIME special episode #4, Watch and listen as Stephen M. Daley M.Ed, the Founder of the largest certified and licensed children’s safety instructor organization in the world “radKIDS” that works to increase parental confidence in our ability to protect our own kids and by empowering them by teaching, training, to recognize, avoid, resist, and if necessary, escape violence, harm, or victimization in their lives and to learn how to escape from dangerous situations. 

In Founders TIME episode #5 Watch and listen as Diane Elko, MBA explains the meaning and importance of Quality in Business in Founders TIME episode #5. She is the Founder of Improve It! Consulting & Training and a certified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001 and experienced consultant for 14001.

In Founders TIME episode #6 Watch and listen as Ian Manheimer “2017 Impactful Man of the Year” tell us about his Journey of Growth and Transformation from a troubled youth and teen, using drugs and alcohol, depression, fighting, suicidal thoughts, and voted most likely to be dead by 20, to becoming a man full of impact and inspiration. 

In Founders TIME episode #7 Watch and listen as Australia #1 Small Business Author Amanda Fisher, CPA AKA The Cash Flow Queen” tell us about about the meaning and importance of Cashflow. She is a award winning CFO, the author of Strangle by the Numbers book and cash flow financial educator who helps entrepreneurs to improve cash flow and increase profit. 

In Founders TIME episode #8. Watch and listen as Best Seller Author Theresa Lambert, tell us about Achieving Your Goals with Grace, Leading with Focus and Creating the Work-Life Balance You Desire and her book Achieve with Grace: A guide to elegance and effectiveness in intense workplaces. As a coach she helps successful and ambitious women move past frustration, overwhelm and feeling stuck in a cycle of hustling and being busy.

In Founders TIME episode #9 


Watch and listen Vetpreneur, Author and Franchise King: Joel Stewart


tell us about his new book The Value Equation. Joel Steward is a United States Navy Veteran, CEO of the Veteran Franchise Initiative and the Founder of International Franchise Marketplace that provides franchise education and marketing throughout the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

In Founders TIME episode #10 
Watch and listen  Dr. Judy H. Butler, PsyD, a certified Pastoral Psychotherapist and TEDx speaker that explains how she created her program The Guardian’s Gift to help families prepares for the loss of a loved one, by assisting them in collecting memories, crucial information that not only provides you peace of mind but it will allow you the time you need to enjoy and honor your loved one while they are still with you and of sound mind.

In Founders TIME Podcast episode #11 Fashion Photographer, writer and hopeless dreamer Aleksandra Di Gesarotell tell us her journey as a fashion photographer all the way from Milano, Italy and how she choose to follow her dream career and hobby into a successful business. She teach other artists to do the same by turning their creative passion into a full-time job in order to start earning from their art and to go from hobbyist to a full-time artist by using everything they’ve got at the moment, and by just being always active, and always searching.

In today Founders TIME Podcast episode #12 The Art of Copywriting, meet Ashley Cook founder of Lane Copywriting & The ASAP Copy Club tell us how she loves words, and she loves sales. Even more than that, she loves putting the two of them together to help entrepreneurs save time, grow sales, and strengthen their influence – with fewer hours at the keyboard

In Founders Time #13, meet Vetrepreneur  Steven Kuhn Co-founder of QOL Enterprises and Co-writer of “The Humble Alpha Book” with Lane Belone. He is a Military Combat Veteran and a MBA graduate of the prestigious Bradford University School of Business Management that leads teams & turns around multi-million-dollar businesses for 20+ years, in 9 countries to the tune of 500 Million+ in revenue. He uses his talent as a consultant, author and speaker to help leaders “amplify” their Humble Alpha and to drastically improve their Quality of Life.

In Founders TIME #14 Meet Former Marine and Vetrepreneur, Brendon Roberts explain the importance of financial planning. As a World Financial Group/ Financial Professional Independent Agent, he saw the need for people to have access to the financial information that so many people do not understand or do not have access to. He loves being able to offer people a platform in which they can increase their own income on their own schedule and truly make a personal and financial difference in their’s lives.

In Founders TIME #15  Meet Former Navy Corpsman and Vetrepreneur, Judith Skilling, the Founder and CEO of Synergistic Partnership. She is a Certified High Performance Coach that focus on serving and giving back to the military and veteran community to help guide and empower them in her area of expertise that is High Performance and how to each your milestone quickly as an entrepreneur. She is also a published author in Entrepreneur, Medium, Thrive Global, Addicted2Success, Elephant Journal and more.

Founders TIME Podcast episode #16 “My Seester”, Makissa Lewis introduce us to My Seester, an nonprofit organization based in South Florida that strives to open the communication on the issues that female veterans faces and provides mentorship, and financial assistance for female veterans in South Florida.

In Founders TIME Podcast episode #17 “The Curious Explorer”, meet Lane Belone, the Co-founder of QOL Enterprises and Co-writer of “The Humble Alpha Book” with Stephen Khun. He is a Former Special Forces and sucessful vetpreneur. He uses his talent as a consultant, author and speaker to help leaders “to get to next level by crushing society expectations.

In Founders TIME Podcast episode #18 “Tell Your Story”, meet Pat Quinn, the founder of and a world Presentation coach for astronauts, olympians, pastors, NYT Bestselling authors, network television personalities and Coach of 4 National Speak-off Champions. A former professional magician who learned the art of commanding a stage early in his career. With an advanced degree in brain research, Pat understands how adults learn new information. As a consultant and speaker he has keynoted the biggest conferences and spoken to audiences around the world.

In Founders TIME Podcast episode #19 “Tell Your Story”, meet Travis Johnson, the founder of The Nonprofit Architect, founded with one mission to help you build a stronger nonprofit. He is also an active-duty officer in the United States Navy and the former Vice President of Books by Vets; a board member at the S.H.I.N.E. foundation; a benefactor $20,000+; a volunteer with 1,500+ hours; fundraiser with more than $500,000 raised; provided seed money for 6 startup nonprofits; event coordinator; and published author.

In today Founders TIME Podcast episode #20 “The Science of Colors”, meet Carola vom Hagen, the founder of ColorCurriculumCure™ Interior Color Solutions by CvH in this fascinating topic in where she explains about the use and effect of psychology of interior color. She tell is how personal childhood traumas and life challenges drew her to study color and architecture.

In Founders TIME Podcast episode #21 “Crayons Ready to Eat”, meet marine Franciszek Manteau the founder of Crayons Ready-to-Eat LLC. In this episode he talks how came out with this original idea and tell us his journey to make it a sustainable business.

In Founders TIME Podcast episode #22 “Body Couture”, meet Janis Isaman, the founder of My Body Couture, she tell us how she started her business for the ground up, self funding herself while being a single parent, setting her own pace, facing burnout, risk of shutting down and using her own personal passion to fuel her drive to keep going to build her dream


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I'm not like most girls. I am a Female Veteran! Niurka's work to recognize Female Veterans as the unique group we are has intrigued me. I thought I was going to always have to take a back seat to the Men in the room when anything Military is brought up. That's right, when Vets were asked to stand up, the Speaker had a complete lapse on gender neutral terms and went straight to Thanking our "Men" for being brave soldiers. So far I've been on a Fishing with America's Finest outing organized by Niurka which got me off the COVID Couch and out into the Everglades. I am the proud recipient of an AmorUmbrella as well. Every time it rains and I pull out my Heart Shaped Amor Umbrella, I know my female soldiers not only have my back, they have my head. THAT is truly heartwarming. THAT is truly comradery. Angeline Gullo, USAF, Sgt. 1987-91, CTANG, 1991-94
Angelica Gullo
"Being a guest on Founders Time was a great experience. Niurka had great questions and she made the experience feel as if it was just the two of us having a casual conversation. Being a guest could have been stressful thinking about how many people will watch or listen. She has a way of making you feel comfortable to the point you forget its recording. You can tell she has lots of experiences and brings all of it to the table on her podcast!”
Keith McKeever

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