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Niurka is a veteran-entrepreneur who:

❤️️ Has a tv show which is broadcast in over 213 destinations

❤️️ Has traveled to over 25+ countries

❤️️ Is a renowned national & international guest speaker

❤️️ Is a well-known, published author

❤️️ Has started & scaled several businesses

Niurka is a highly sought after coach for individuals who are seeking to grow their visibility through appearing on radio, tv, and podcasts, as well as stages. She also coaches business owners on how to start and run their own podcasts & TV shows.

In addition, Niurka is known for her thorough, strategic, and motivational coaching as she helps clients start and scale their own businesses to the next levels of success.

Niurka has a particular heart to see other veterans start and thrive in business and reach the world with their important life-changing messages.

If you are interested in working with Niurka, just fill out a short application to see if you are a good match for Niurka’s coaching. Niurka is in high demand & has a limited amount of open availability month-to-month. Apply now for your chance to work with Niurka.

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What do people say?

Testimonials from the folks who changed their lives – for better.

I'm not like most girls. I am a Female Veteran! Niurka's work to recognize Female Veterans as the unique group we are has intrigued me. I thought I was going to always have to take a back seat to the Men in the room when anything Military is brought up. That's right, when Vets were asked to stand up, the Speaker had a complete lapse on gender neutral terms and went straight to Thanking our "Men" for being brave soldiers. So far I've been on a Fishing with America's Finest outing organized by Niurka which got me off the COVID Couch and out into the Everglades. I am the proud recipient of an AmorUmbrella as well. Every time it rains and I pull out my Heart Shaped Amor Umbrella, I know my female soldiers not only have my back, they have my head. THAT is truly heartwarming. THAT is truly comradery. Angeline Gullo, USAF, Sgt. 1987-91, CTANG, 1991-94
Angelica Gullo
"Being a guest on Founders Time was a great experience. Niurka had great questions and she made the experience feel as if it was just the two of us having a casual conversation. Being a guest could have been stressful thinking about how many people will watch or listen. She has a way of making you feel comfortable to the point you forget its recording. You can tell she has lots of experiences and brings all of it to the table on her podcast!”
Keith McKeever

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